Wellness Lounge

Healthy Food & Drinks*

In our wellness bar we make vitality boosters like pure ginger shots, fresh cold pressed (detox) juices, smoothies, coffee and herbal teas. We also serve yoghurt with fresh fruits, seasonal salad bowls and soups.

Check our packages for wellness and juices combinations.

*Due to Covid-19 measures we currently do not serve food in our lounge area. If you've booked our Private Wellness Studio you can order a homemade 'Foodness box' for 2 with: salad bowls, green juices, 1/2 bottle bubbles and homemade chocolates.

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In addition to our regular infrared detox sessions we offer you sauna & juice detox packages. Detoxing with juices and infrared sauna is a good combination. Detox at a deeper level, reduce excess water retention, lose weight and glow.

Our 1, 3 or 5 day Sauna & Juice Detox packages include infrared sauna sessions and kickstarts your body for a cleaner and healthier you. During our detox program you drink a combination of shots, juices and nut milk. Supplemented with water and herbal tea.

1-day detox:   1 infrared sauna session, 6 bottles of juices, 1 bottle of nut milk, 1 shot
3-day detox:   2 infrared sauna sessions, 18 bottles of juice, 3 bottles of nut milk, 3 shots
5-day detox:  3 infrareds sauna sessions, 30 bottles of juice, 5 bottles of nut milk, 5 shots

Healthy Food & Drinks Bar

Soak Urban Wellness Bar

Coldpressed Juices & Salad Bowls

Soak Urban Wellness Amsterdam Healthy Bar

Smoothies & Yoghurtbowls

Soak Urban Wellness Amsterdam Healthy Bar