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In our wellness bar we serve cold pressed juices, fresh smoothies, coffee and teas. We also have homemade yoghurt- and salad bowls.


In our retail space you can buy 100% all natural wellness-, self-care- and lifestyle products like body scrubs, foot and bath soaks, skin oils, candles and perfume diffusers. Products to use in our wellness areas, to take home or to give away.

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In addition to our regular infrared detox sessions we offer you sauna & juice detox packages. Detoxing with juices and infrared sauna is a good combination. Detox at a deeper level, reduce excess water retention, lose weight and glow.

Our 1, 3 or 5 day Sauna & Juice Detox packages include infrared sauna sessions and kickstarts your body for a cleaner and healthier you. During our detox program you drink a combination of shots, juices and nut milk. Supplemented with water and herbal tea.

1-day detox:   1 infrared sauna session, 6 bottles of juices, 1 bottle of nut milk, 1 shot
3-day detox:   2 infrared sauna sessions, 18 bottles of juice, 3 bottles of nut milk, 3 shots
5-day detox:  3 infrareds sauna sessions, 30 bottles of juice, 5 bottles of nut milk, 5 shots

Healthy Food & Drinks Bar

Soak Urban Wellness Bar

Coldpressed Juices & Salad Bowls

Soak Urban Wellness Amsterdam Healthy Bar

Smoothies & Yoghurtbowls

Soak Urban Wellness Amsterdam Healthy Bar