Recharge Yourself

Colla Tanning Booth
Infrared Sauna
Massage Chair
Fresh Juice

Let the Light in and Glow all the way

Our premium stand-up booth has a combination of  three types of light: 1) UVA for tanning,  2) UVB for Vitamin D and melanin production and 3) Collagenic light for soothing skin.

This 10 minute light session is followed by a 45 minute relaxing, detoxifying and immune boosting infrared sauna.

We fuel you up with a healthy fresh green juice and upgrade your relaxation with a 20 minute massage in our 'zero gravity' massage chairs for complete rechargement.

€59,- (1p)
€89,- (2p)

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IR Infrared sauna cabin at Soak Urban Wellness Amsterdam
IR - Infrared Sauna Cabin
Welcome to Soak Urban Wellness in Amsterdam!
Welcome to Soak in Amsterdam!
IR - Infrared Sauna cabin at Soak Urban Wellness
Infrared Therapy at Soak