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Soak Urban Wellness


Welcome to our unique boutique wellness. In nine luxuriously transformed shipping containers in Amsterdam you can indulge in a private wellness experience. Enjoy exclusive acces to your own personal sauna(s). Discover more about our private wellness studios, infrared saunas, and massage services…

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Private Wellness Studio


Book your own Private Wellness Studio. Both our studios have a traditional dry Finnish wood sauna (90°C), a steam cabin (45°C with eucalyptus), showers, relaxing beds and an outside patio to cool down or sip a drink. Inclusive use of bathrobes, towels and slippers.

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Infrared Saunas


Experience the power of sweat in the comfort and privacy of your own Infrared Sauna Cabin. The warming and relaxing sensation of infrared heat penetrates your skin to destress body & mind, increase circulation, release toxins, ease pain, boost immunity and improve skin conditions.

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Massage services


Add a relaxing or healing full body massage to your infrared sauna or private wellness booking. Choose between the experienced hands of our Masseuse or lay down in the 3D ‘zero gravity’ Massage Chairs

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Spa Party


Exclusive rental of our entire wellness center. Just for you and your friends. Enjoy free use of all our sauna and wellness facilities. We close the doors so there won’t be other guests besides you and your private party. During your stay a pot of tea with homemade sweets will be served in the lounge.

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Soak Urban Wellness

Welcome to our boutique wellness. In 9 luxurious transformed shipping containers in Amsterdam we created multiple private wellness spaces for health and relaxation.

We offer 45 minutes private use infrared saunas,  2 or 3 hour private wellness studio packages with Finnish saunas and steam cabins and full body massages.

Book your next session to experience it yourself. Taking time out to unwind and reset is the backbone for a healthy lifestyle.

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